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handle the rest.

The secret to controlling time and not having time control you.
Bilingual Virtual Assistant - English & French

Does your life feel like this?

Do you feel overwhelmed?  Are you running out of time?
Are your administrative tasks keeping you away from what you do best?
About the Virtual Assistant (VA) industry

Welcome to the help you have been waiting for!

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an entrepreneur who helps small businesses with their administrative & other tasks. 

As independent contractors, VAs typically work from their own offices and take care of many of the non-core functions that are often handled by in-house employees.  Working with a VA allows business owners to get the help they need so that they can concentrate on generating revenue and working with their clients.

A recent multi-country report by Sage, a leading global supplier of business management software, reveals that small businesses spent 17% of their employee manpower each year on administrative tasks.  Outsourcing and automating such administrative tasks provides a huge opportunity for such firms to increase productivity and profits.  At Elite Virtual Assistant (EVA), my prime goal is to help you grow your business by redeploying your human resources to core functions.

Simply delegate your non-core functions to me and focus your time on more strategic business priorities.  EVA has the expertise to get the job done so that you don't have to utilize your valuable resources on administrative and other non-core tasks.  I act in your best interest because your success is my success.

What EVA can do for you?
As a Virtual Assistant, EVA can help you by providing a wide variety of cost-effective services.


General Administrative Support

Purchasing, Procurement & Sourcing

Fleet Management

Travel & Event Planning

Special Projects


Personal Assistant

Customer Service

Website Design & Image Editing

Helping your business thrive

my work

EVA handles your small tasks and non-core projects to free you up to focus on what you do best.

EVA offers a wide variety of packages to best serve your business needs.

EVA gives you peace of mind and I am passionate about helping your business to be successful.

I want to see your business thrive and partner with you for success.

A little about me

MY story

Originally from Lyon, France, and raised in Canada, Coralie Seys has spent half of her life in each of the two countries.  Coralie is a creative, reliable, and dedicated Virtual & Executive Assistant and business owner.

Coralie has over 20 years of experience in administrative roles such as office, facilities, and fleet management, and has worked for a wide variety of industries both in Canada and France.  She has extensive experience in project management, office administration, contract negotiation, event and travel planning, vehicle logistics and customer service.  Her energy, efficiency and problem-solving skills make collaborating with her a game-changer for her clients, colleagues and peers.  Coralie is fluent in English and French.

Through the support she provides, and with her abilities and skills, Coralie excels in freeing people of the tasks that consume their time and energy, thereby leaving them free to concentrate on what matters most and on what they do best.

By creating a supportive relationship and expertly collaborating with each client, Coralie is a valuable asset to any organization.

In 2019 Coralie launched Elite Virtual Assistant, an independent contracting firm which provides expert administrative and technical support in a collaborative manner to busy people.

Coralie’s role as Owner of Elite Virtual Assistant resonates with her profound caring of people and collaborations.

Elite Virtual Assistant

core values

             When carrying out its virtual assistance services, EVA is guided by a set of intrinsic values which are                   linked to the “Elite” moniker.

E – Excellence

            I am committed to continually providing hi-quality services in a professional and first-class manner.                   My target is to consistently deliver superior work products.

L – Loyalty

             My aim is to be steadfast in faithfully fulfilling my duties and obligations. I will always conduct our                 work in a trustworthy and reliable manner.

I – Integrity

        I adhere to high moral and ethical standards when carrying out our contracted services. Fairness,               transparency and openness are paramount to my operating mode.

T – Teamwork

               My preferred work practice is to collaborate with my clients in an environment of mutual respect and               common purpose. I prefer to partner with my clients and help their business to be successful.

E – Efficiency

     At EVA, I strive to continually improve the work processes and provide cost-effective services while optimizing        the associated time, effort and expenses. I want to see your business thrive and partner with you for success.

What's in it for you?

How a VA benefits your business


Last year, 37% of small & medium
businesses in North America
outsourced business processes to
independent contractors such as VAs.


In 2019 52% of small & medium
businesses plan to outsource
a business process.

Don't be busy, be productive!

Cost Savings
 -  Avoid the cost of paying full-time employees for non-core functions.
-  Minimize operating expenses associated with salaries/wages, CPP & EI benefits, health & dental plans,
vacation/holiday pay and sick days.
-  Reduce overhead costs for office space, equipment and supplies.
-  Only pay for the services rendered with no money spent on idle time.
Efficient Time Usage
-  Reduce time spent on recruiting, training and supervision.
-  Focus your valuable time on strategic priorities and growing your business.
-  Gain more time for improved work/life balance and personal pursuits.
Professional Support
-  Rely on VAs for their proven skills and expertise, e.g., administrative, marketing.
-  Benefit from VA access to the latest online tools & technologies.
-  Take advantage of flexibility offered by VA professionals.
Enhance Productivity
-  Obtain VA services at the time you most need them.
-  Prompt receipt of services allows you to deliver your products/services more quickly.
-  Improved efficiency & productivity makes you more competitive.
Winning Partnership
-  Working collaboratively with a VA helps your business to thrive and be more successful.
-  As a business partner, VAs are committed to protecting your confidential information.
Why do small businesses outsource?
-  Increase efficiency (24%)
-  Increase available expertise (18%)
-  Increase flexibility (16%)
-  Free up employees' time for other tasks (15%)
-  Increase available resources (12%)
-  Reduce operating costs (12%)
Clutch - Small business outsourcing statistics
Using a VA can provide annual cost saving of 50to 75% compared to relying on
full-time employees for non-core tasks.

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